State Street Property Management, LLC., is a full-service, fully licensed, residential property management company, specializing in multi-location rental property management. We manage your rental portfolio anywhere its located in SE Florida. We welcome ALL real estate investors. 


We specialize in properties requiring intensive day-to-day management. Among these are:

-Single & Multi-Location privately owned condominiums, townhouses, and single family homes. 

-Buildings run by developers and / or homeowners’ associations


-Multi-Family Apartment Buildings



State Street Property Management knows that quality assets require high-quality management, and we work hard to develop and implement proactive property management strategies that ensure your buildings are agressively leased and professionally maintaed throughout their holding period.


Our property managers are creative, efficient, and highly responsive. We're experts at taking care of everything from move-ins, move-outs, and improvements to routine maintenance and issue resolution. We maintain close relationships with a select group of vendors and oversee their work to ensure that service requests are promptly and effectively handled for you and your tenants.




Please browse our website to learn more about our company, our many services, and our commitment to








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